Tenant Litigation

  • Holdover Proceedings
    Primary Residence; “Owner’s Use”; Unauthorized Sublet; Unauthorized Alterations; Pets; Breach of Lease; Termination of Lease
  • Nonpayment Proceedings
    Overcharge Defenses/Counterclaims; Repair Defenses/Counterclaims; Warranty of Habitability
  • Supreme Court
    Ejectment Actions; Declaratory Judgment Actions; Foreclosure Actions; Article 78 Proceedings; Damage Actions
  • Lofts
  • HP Proceedings
  • Tenant Associations

Administrative Proceedings

  • NYS Division of Housing & Community Renewal [“DHCR”]
    Demolition Applications; Overcharge Complaints; Lease Renewal Disputes; Reduction in Services Proceedings; Certificate of Eviction Defense [“Mitchell-Lama”]
  • NYC Loft Board
    Coverage Applications; Legalization/Access Disputes; Rent Overcharge Complaints
  • NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
    Certificate of Eviction Defense [“Mitchell-Lama”]


Condo/Coop Conversion Litigation; Shareholder/Unit Owner Actions; Declaratory Judgment Actions; Pullman/Objectionable Conduct Actions; Damage Actions


Yellowstone Injunctions; Holdovers; Nonpayment Proceedings; Damage Actions

Real Estate Transactions

Condo/Coop & House Closings; Purchase & Sale of Buildings; Commercial Lease Negotiations

Commercial Litigation

Breach of Contract; Contractor Disputes; Collection Actions; Arbitration